RUSH Plus: Deal Categories

Learn more about the different categories inside RUSH Plus!

Under the Explore RUSH Plus section of the home page, you can see different deal categories that make it easy for you to find the deals you're looking for.

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In this category, you'll find an assortment of food and beverage offers from RUSH-powered brands and brand partners. These include deals on meals, refreshing beverages, desserts, new menu offers, and the like


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Rewards are not always about food deals. If you're looking for great discounts and deals on shopping, fashion, and other non-food items, the retail category is the best section to look at. 


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In this category, you’ll find different deals from RUSH-powered brands and partners that offer their services like a quick pamper session or a relaxing massage.


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In this category, you'll find special offers on health plans, medicines, prescriptions, and many more!



Browse these different deal categories on RUSH Plus and check out available deals from RUSH-powered brands and partners.