Introducing the RUSH Plus Platform

Learn the basic stuff about RUSH Plus and what this voucher platform is all about.

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RUSH Plus is RUSH's newest discovery channel, specially built for RUSH-powered merchants. This platform serves as home to various vouchers, deals, or special offers that customers can avail of when they checkout products online, or visit their favorite brand's physical store.


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Inside RUSH Plus

Brand Pages


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Inside RUSH Plus


The home page makes it easy for customers to check all available deals right from the home page. Customers may browse the voucher catalogue by selecting the deal categories they want to explore:

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Want check out special deals per brand? Customers can view a list of all the RUSH-powered brands that are on RUSH+, view their brand page, and see all their available offers.


There are also special sections within the home page that show special curations of vouchers, including seasonal offers and deals from a featured brand!

CurationBrand Pages

Customers can visit their favorite RUSH-powered brands from their dedicated brand page. This houses all their available deals and includes links to the brand's social media page and RUSH-powered channel (ex. web store, Loyalty website, etc.) or website. 




The most important of all: the vouchers! The All Deals page shows all available deals across all brands on RUSH+, which can be either of two deal types: Free or Member Exclusive. Free deals are offers that end-users can redeem by providing just their mobile numbers. Member Exclusive deals, on the other hand, are offers that end-users can redeem after providing their “golden profile” for future re-engagement.

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Watch out for all the upcoming features and other platform enhancements such as Member Registration and Seller Center!