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Setting Up and Managing Your RUSH Account

Welcome to RUSH! Now that you have subscribed to our solutions, it's time to build your store or craft your ultimate loyalty program- or both. This section lists down the most important steps that you, as a merchant, should undertake to kickstart you

In this section:

Account Credentials

Your login information is the key to unlocking the features of the RUSH platforms. Your account login will be sent to your registered email address within 24 hours from verification of your onboarding requirements such as subscription agreement form, submitted company documents, and payment of subscription fee. After receiving your account information, you can now use these credentials to log in to your RUSH CMS. 

Note: We strongly recommend keeping your account information private. Should you need to require assistance from your employees in managing your account or store,  you can instead add account users and set account permissions.

Your account credentials can be updated when necessary. If you want to change your account password, you can easily do it using the CMS. If you have forgotten the email address associated with your RUSH subscription account, contact support.


Resetting Your CMS Password

There can be a number of reasons why changing your CMS account password will be necessary. The ideal practice on password security is to use a strong password unique to every account, in which case it is possible to forget at least one of your passwords- and your CMS password is no exception to that. On the other hand, it's also possible that you may opt to regularly nominate a new password as another layer of account security. No matter the reason, updating your password can easily be done using the RUSH CMS.

For more information, read this article on Resetting Your CMS Password.


Updating Your Profile

Upon logging into the RUSH CMS, you will automatically be directed to ACCOUNT SETTINGS. You can update the profile of your business account by providing the following information:

Company Information

  1. Company Name

  2. SEC Registration Number

  3. TIN

Company Representative

  1. First Name

  2. Last Name

  3. ID Number

  4. Designation

  5. Email address

  6. Mobile Number


Configuring Your Billing and Payment Information

To easily complete your billing information using your RUSH CMS:

  1. Go to the Profile tab.

  2. Add your company’s contact number

  3. Input your billing address

The information above will be used as supplementary data to complete your billing information, in addition to the company registration and representative details already provided when you updated your profile.


Retrieving Account Extensions

The Extensions tab of the CMS summarizes all the channels where your store can be accessible, from both the merchant and customer side. This tab makes it easier for you to retrieve the online locations of your storefront. The Extensions tab lists down the following:

  1. Direct link to your customer app on Google Play and App Store*

  2. E-Store website

  3. Merchant app

  4. Merchant web portal

  5. API Documents (RUSH Generic API and Privilege Card API)

Should you need to use these links for access, embedding, advertisements, or any other purposes, simply click the copy button and paste the link to the appropriate locations.