Affiliate Participation (RTI Master Subscription Agreement Annex E)

This outlines the terms for the affiliate participation of RUSH Merchants to RUSH Plus

1. Participating on RUSH+ (E-commerce Marketplace)

1.1 By availing of the RUSH Software (the “Service”), Merchant is automatically given access to RUSH Plus (“Plus”, “RUSH+) to showcase Merchant’s products, promotions, and offers. RUSH+, an e-commerce marketplace website, is a flagship discovery execution that brings RUSH merchants to the front and center of their customers' buying journey. 

1.2 By submitting Merchant’s products, promotions and offers, Merchant authorizes RUSH TECHNOLOGIES Inc. (RTI) via RUSH Plus to advertise and distribute Merchant’s products and promos, respectively, in relevant channels and publishers to drive traffic to Merchant’s customer channels.

1.3 Mechanics

  1. RUSH+ may be accessed via the website or its partner publishers
  2. Customer selects the Merchant’s products and/or promotions that he wants to purchase and/or redeem from the given and published catalog 
  3. Customer receives the instructions on how to receive the said Merchant’s product/s and/or promo code via SMS or email
  4. Customer follows the instructions sent and/or uses the promo code on the partner brand’s online ordering channels or present it in-store to procure the said product or avail of the promo

1.4 As the main proponent of this initiative, RUSH TECHNOLOGIES Inc. (RTI) also reserves the right to craft and finalize all campaign promotional efforts (i.e. SMS spiels, merchandising materials and promotional artwork), in a manner that also adheres to Partner’s brand guidelines. Non-recognition of the said right of RTI will be a ground for discontinuance of the partnership.

1.5 Merchant shall ensure that customers who purchased Merchant’s products via RUSH+ have given their consent to share their personal information, as defined under Republic Act No. 10173, or otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012, to RTI. The personal information of customers obtained pursuant to this provision shall be treated as a shared database between the parties, subject to the provisions of Annex B hereof and the signed Mutual Non- Disclosure agreement between the parties. At all costs, Merchant shall ensure that there shall be no leakage of personal information of the customers upon the duration of this Agreement.

1.6 Partnership is coterminous with RUSH Subscription Agreement.