Allowing Customers to Pay Using Points

Customers can choose to pay a portion of their total transaction amount using their available points through this function. This encourages customers to make repeat purchases from your store to continue earning points that they can use to pay.

To accept payments through points:

  1. Open the RUSH Merchant App and hit Customer Info
  2. Input the Customer’s mobile number
  3. Tap Pay With Points 
  4. Input the transaction amount
  5. Enter the number of points the Customer would like to use to pay
  6. Enter the OR number of the transaction
  7. Click Proceed
  8. The points will now be deducted from the total amount due, and the Customer may now pay the remaining balance through Cash or Credit any available electronic payment methods. Likewise, the points used for the transaction will be deducted from the Customer’s points balance.

It is important to note that this feature is completely optional so you can choose to disable it anytime. As an alternative, you can lead your customers to your Rewards Catalogue and redeem from a list of rewards instead.

FD_Pay using Points