Available Modules for Estore Function

This article will introduce you to available modules for Estore Subscription in the RUSH Content Management System (CMS). The email address you provided when signing up will automatically be given access to your main or primary CMS.

  1. Account Settings
  2. My Plan
  3. Analytics
  4. Design
  5. Store
  6. Product
  7. Order Fulfillment
  8. Orders
  9. Promo Code
  10. Settings
  11. Locations
  12. Customers
  13. Engagement
  14. Plug-ins


Account Settings

This covers the basic functions and settings of your CMS account. From this module, you can:

  • Change your basic Merchant Information
  • Edit your Terms and Conditions
  • Add the governing Privacy Policy between you and your customers
  • Update your documents
  • Your eStore link extensions 
  • Create other CMS Account Users
  • Change the account password


My Plan

This tab allows you to view your subscription payment history and plan details. If you've migrated to Xendit, you can update your payment method and the primary card will be charged.



This summarizes the basic transaction-related data/ trackable metrics from your RUSH-powered solutions. From this module, you can:

  • See all the transactions where your customers earn and burn points
  • Check the number of registrations and current users
  • Monitor your top branches and rewards

To qualify for an analytics dashboard subscription for an e-store, you must have completed at least 10 successful transactions in the previous quarter. A successful transaction is defined as one that was completed without any issues or complications, such as: canceled, etc. It means the transaction must be tagged as delivered to qualify.



You can change the look and feel of your front- end channels. Web store, Customer App, and GLife. From this module, you can:

  • Customize your storefront for your Merchant App, Customer App, Web Store, and GLife
  • Access the Advanced Features for Web branding
  • Post banners featuring your promotional items and special offers



This module houses all your brands, branches, and employees. All the employees you enroll from this module will have user access to the RUSH Merchant App. From this module, you can:

  • Upload, edit, and delete brands and branches
  • Enroll employees
  • Assign employees to their respective branches



Unique to the eStore solution, you can update your product data here.

  • Create and edit products
  • Update inventory
  • Tag products to each of your branches
  • Input your product prices


Order Fulfillment

Unique to the eStore solution, functions related to your eStore’s deliveries and pick-up can be found here. From this module, you can:

  • Enable Delivery or Pick-up options
  • Toggle the Pre-ordering function
  • Tag applicable brands and branches
  • Adjust the delivery fees for orders
  • Set up order notifications for every new order
  • Create notes (e.g. delivery notice, pre-order guidelines, etc.) that your customers can see upon checkout



Effortlessly track your Delivery, Pick-up, and Payment Express modes of collection. In this module, you can review and manage your past orders with ease, staying organized and in control of your shopping experience.

  • Check order history
  • Update order status
  • Export the data of Delivery & Pick up 



Create customized promo that reflects your brand identity and goals. On this module, you can reward your loyal customers, and launch successful discount campaigns. Boost your business with special vouchers tailored to your unique needs.



This module is your way to customize your E-store settings. Explore features to fine-tune your payment method setting, configure serviceable areas and many others as such below. 

  • Points system (if applicable)
  • Update your SKU stock settings
  • Brand and Product categories
  • Add other fees
  • Set serviceable area
  • Add payment method



In this module, you can check and update your products availability per brand and branch.

  • Advanced settings for featured brand
  • Tagged and untagged product for product visibility
  • Update product details



Your Loyalty transactions and Customer list can be found here. Import and Export functions are available if you would like to upload your transactions or customers in bulk. Feedback and Segmentation is also available here. From this module, you can:

  • Review customer transactions for reconciliation
  • Check customer profiles and their basic information
  • Edit customer profiles (Name, mobile number, and email address cannot be edited from here)
  • Import or Export transactions or customers
  • Read customer feedback and send a one-way replies
  • Create Segments for Broadcast usage



This is the hub for all the tools you need to engage with your customers, including broadcasts and pop-up banners. From this module, you can:

  • Create a new broadcast via SMS, emails, or In-App Notifications
  • Create News articles your customers can browse through (applicable only on customer app)
  • Customized SMS, in-app message and email notifications
  • Post promotional content using pop-up banners



All third-party apps integrated into the RUSH platform can be found here. More apps will be added in the future