Can I bypass the Wallet Requirements?

Skipping the submission of Wallet Requirements depends on the type of subscription you availed. If you subscribed to eStore Spark, you are required to use the RUSH Wallet. Under this payment arrangement, all your eStore earnings will go through RUSH’s account and will be released to your registered bank account every 15th of the month.

On the other hand, you have the option to use your own wallet or Merchant Identification code (MID) to receive your earnings straight to your bank account if you subscribed to eStore Bolt or eStore Dash. To create your own wallet/ MID, you will be required to complete the Wallet Requirements; without which, your wallet creation will not push through.

Primarily, getting your own wallet eliminates additional payment intermediaries (that is the RUSH wallet), allowing you to receive your eStore payouts to your bank accounts much faster.  Another benefit of having your own wallet is getting access to your own Paymongo dashboard which allows real-time monitoring of your earnings, as well as merchant-initiated refund processing. eStore Bolt and eStore Dash subscribers will be using the RUSH Wallet temporarily while the creation of their own wallet is in process.