Create and Manage Table Ordering

In the world of emerging modern business, providing a seamless dining experience is important to customer satisfaction.

One of the key aspects of achieving this is through efficient table ordering systems. We will delve into the process of creating and managing table ordering, to streamline your operations and enhance your customer’s experience.

Introduction to Table Ordering:
Table ordering refers to the process by which customers place orders for food and beverages while dining at a restaurant or establishment. With the advent of technology, many merchants have adapted digital solutions to facilitate this process, offering convenience and efficiency for both customers and your staff. 

Getting started with Scan to Order:
As a Merchant Admin User, accessing and managing dine-in orders is essential for overseeing in-house dining operations. This may also be accessed by your employees by assigning them a branch to handle this feature as well. Here’s how to navigate to the scan to order a sub-module within the store module.

  • Log in to the CMS.
  • Navigate to the Store module, typically located on the main dashboard or sidebar menu. 
  • Within the store module, locate the “Scan to Order”  sub-module. 
  • Click on  “Add new table” to be able to create and add a table
    • Add new table: by clicking this will allow you to start setting up a unique QR code for each table at your restaurant. Ensuring that each customer dining-in assigned to a table will only be able to use the QR displayed there and once they decide to place an order by scanning the QR.
    • Pencil icon: you can edit the content for the QR code on each table in your restaurant if there are instances that you want to change the information you may refer to for guidance. 
    • Delete icon- this will allow you to delete a table if you wish to remove  one from your CMS.

    • Printer Icon - this will generate a PDF file so you may access and print the Table QR code to be displayed on every table in your restaurant for the customer’s visibility. 



Basic Details: 

  • Table Name- to place proper label needed to each table
    Description: serves as your own  reference, by placing notes to help differentiate each table. 
  • Branch- select which branch the table belongs to. Note:You may only select and assign one branch per table.
  • Area in Branch- indicates specific table location within the branch.
    Number of Tables - you may indicate how many tables are in 



Table QR Code Design: 

Customize QR code- enabling this feature will allow for creative customization, enhancing the visual appeal of table QR codes and reinforcing brand identity that will be visible to all your customers. 

  • Header - customize a  welcome message for your customers
  • Footer - instructions for your customers when using the QR code
  • Table QR code color - can base the color off base on the theme of your restaurant.
  • Background color - choose color to compliment your table QR code.  
  • Text color - available in either black or white colored text.

Utilizing the CMS platform scan to order tab

Merchant admin users can print tab QR codes directly. This functionality simplifies the process of generating QR Codes, making it convenient for staff to place them on tables for customer use. In addition to printing, Merchant Admin Users can download table QR codes as digital files. This flexibility enables seamless integration with various digital platforms and facilitates comprehensive table management. 

Table QR code preview- it displays what your QR code would actually look like.

(sample photo reference of a Table QR code)

Now that you have learned how to create a table with a table QR code, it’s time to dive into the essence of managing this feature within your CMS. The great thing about this new feature is that you will be able to monitor incoming orders and manage tables all through with the Merchant Mobile App (MMA). Follow these steps to navigate: 

Log In to the merchant mobile app and enter in your RUSH ID credentials to proceed. 
Once you have logged in, on the main page, locate the “Scan to Order” icon to view incoming orders from customers.

After clicking the scan the order icon, you can see all the tabs above that indicate the status of the order by updating them during the preparation process of every order made. There is a time indicated to monitor by the time they appear on the app. These are the four kinds of status as follows:
  • New - new orders will appear here
  • Preparing - order is being prepared 
  • Served - order is finished and served
  • Cancelled - order is cancelled due to merchant’s reason 

You will be able to monitor and keep track of incoming orders while using the Merchant Mobile App. This will let your customer know that their orders are being processed and sooner or later they will be able to enjoy the products from your restaurant.