Customer Triggered Order Cancellation

There are a lot of reasons that a customer would want to cancel an order. It may be the wrong input of delivery address and schedule, wrong mode of payment, or just because a customer had a change of mind. While it's a customer right to cancel an order, each cancellation has an implication on the business.

a customer can only cancel an order via the mobile app or website when the order is still on Pending stage 

How can Customers cancel their order?

What happens if the Order is being processed by Store already?

The customer will not be able to cancel an order that has been changed to Processing by the branch.

The only way for  a cancellation to push through is by mutual agreement of both Customer and Store Branch.

How will Stores get notified for cancelled orders?


In Merchant App View:


In Merchant Mobile App View:


How to configure the Reason for Cancellation field on the CMS?

  1. Login to CMS.
  2. Go to EStore module.
  3. On the Settings tab, look for Cancel Order Button
  4. Switch the Cancel Order Button to ON.
  5. Choose from the existing reasons or select (Create new reason) to customize the option.
  6. Add another Option by clicking Add New Option. Please note that a maximum of 5 reasons will be shown in the Customer app and Customer Website.
  7. Click Save.