Customizing Your Order Status Page

The new dynamic Order Status section of your CMS gives your Order Status page a new and refreshed look. Now, you can brand and customize this page with your own icons and images for each status.

You can create a different look for your different RUSH-powered customer channels- Web Store, Customer App, and GLife- which your Customers will see while waiting for their orders to arrive.

Default RUSH eStore materials shall be applied on the Order Status page across all your live RUSH-powered customer channels unless new assets are uploaded.

To customize your Order Status page:

  1. On your CMS, navigate to Design Module > Web > Advanced Settings > Order Status
  2. Toggle the Channels where your customizations will be be applied
  3. From the dropdown menu, select the Order Status you wish to Customize
  4. Upload the Banner Image to be associated with your chosen Order Status
  5. Upload the Status Icon to be associated with your chosen Order Status
  6. (Optional) Toggle and select the background color you want for your chosen Order Status
  7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for each Order Status you want to Customize for each customer channel 


A mock-up generator on the right side of your screen will show you a preview of how each asset looks like on your selected customer channel. For optimal display, ensure that your header image and status icon follow the recommended image size for each supported format.