Enabling Various Modes of Payment

The RUSH eStore gives you different payment options to enable for your store. These help you cater to your customer's preferred payment mode. 


To configure your modes of payment:

Go to the Settings module.

  • Credit Card (via Paynamics, Paymongo, and/or Xendit)
  • E-wallet (GCash, Maya, ShopeePay, or Grabpay via Paynamics, Paymongo, and/or Xendit)

Once all your preferred mode/s of payment have been enabled, click SAVE.


Note that Paynamics, Paymongo, and Xendit are examples of a payment gateway. You should only select the appropriate mode of payment depending on the payment gateway you're assigned with.

Our delivery partner has begun to deactivate its Cash-on-Delivery (COD) service. Hence, its deliveries no longer support COD. Effectively, the COD payment option will also be unavailable for RUSH eStore merchants and their customers.