Awarding Rewards Points to Customers

Customers earn points for every purchase as soon as you or your front liners input their transaction details into the RUSH Merchant app.

No matter how your customers choose to earn points (e.g. in-store or through self-seeding), points can only be credited to their wallets once they are issued or approved by you or your front liners using the app.

To issue points to your customers:

  1. Open the Merchant Mobile App and hit Customer Info
  2. Input the Customer’s mobile number
  3. Tap Give Points
  4. Input the transaction amount. The points to be issued will be calculated automatically based on the points conversion rate you set on your CMS. 
  5. Enter the OR number of the transaction
  6. Click Proceed
  7. The Customer will now receive the points issued for the transaction 

FD_Give Points