Grab Integrated Booking on the Merchant App


Why is the Grab integrated system better?

  • Location Accuracy - In this new set-up, frontliners need not to manually input the location or adjust the pin. Grab will automatically fetch the location selected or encoded by the customer.
  • Access Rider Information - As soon as a rider gets assigned to handle your delivery, the contact information of the rider will be readily available.
  • Track Delivery - Get real time updates on your delivery directly from the RUSH eStore Merchant application. See the rider's route and location as the delivery happens.
  • Instantly Cancel Booking - Frontliners will now be the one to directly cancel the booking in case a Customer cancels the order.
    • Book A New Rider Immediately - Frontliners can now book a new rider if the scheduled rider cancels or the booked rider is taking too long to pick up the order.
  • Book Anytime - Take full control of your operations and logistics! Frontliners can book a rider 24/7 without the need to request from RUSH.
    Please see GrabExpress schedule  and coverage for full details.

Booking a Delivery Partner

  1. If an order is in "In process" or "For Dispatch" status, Frontliner can click the "Book a rider" button in the order card to start the booking process by confirming the payment details for the booking.
  2. Location of sender and recipient will be displayed. No need for frontliners to manually change or pin the location because Grab will automatically fetch the location selected or encoded by the customer. Click "Book Now" to start looking for a delivery partner.
  3. As soon as a delivery partner gets assigned to handle delivery, the contact information of the rider will be readily available. Delivery partner will go to the store to collect the order.

Cancelling the Existing Booking

  1. Click the "Cancel" button on the booking screen. Frontliner will be prompted to choose between "Cancel Booking" or "Book Another Logistics Rider"
    • Clicking "Cancel Booking" will cancel the current booking and bring the frontliner back to the "Book Now" screen. Frontliner will start from the first step of requesting for a rider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be an extra charge to activate the Grab integrated set-up on the merchant app?

A: This is FREE of charge.

When will this take effect?

A: The integrated Grab booking will be available on the latest version of the Merchant App that will be rolled-out starting July 30, 2021. You will receive an email with your latest Merchant App APK.


Can we still keep using the existing booking process?

A: The existing booking process will only be available until August 31, 2021.

Are the rates the same?

A: Yes, rates for the booking are still the same for Grab bookings.

What if I want to use a different delivery option in RUSH?

A: Clicking "Cancel" will remove your Grab booking with RUSH. You can now use another 3rd party logistics to do the delivery for you.

At what point can I cancel my Grab booking with RUSH?

A. As long as the rider is not yet at the pick-up location, you can cancel your booking.

I have a Rider complaint I wish to report.

A: Please send the details of your booking, actions rider did, and screenshots to so we can escalate this to Grab Philippines team.

I have an existing partnership or rate with Grab. Can I use it here?

A: Using Grab on the RUSH merchant app will follow the rates imposed by Grab to RUSH. If you would like to take advantage of your partnership and rate, feel free to do the booking and delivery fulfillment outside of the RUSH Merchant App. 

How will I receive the payment for my fulfilled deliveries?

A: If the order was paid using any of the modes of payment (Cash on Delivery, Credit/ Debit Card, GCash) available in RUSH and the delivery was fulfilled, you will receive it on your scheduled payout. However, if the order was paid using cash and delivery was fulfilled outside of our platform, it will NOT be included on your scheduled payout. Please check your agreement with Grab or other delivery partners for these cases.

How will my Customer get the tracking details of the rider?

A: If the Customer has a Grab account and has Grab App installed, they will receive the tracking details via Push Notification. This can be opened in the Grab App and tracked from there. If the Customer has no Grab account and no Grab App installed, they will receive the tracking details via SMS. Clicking the link will open the tracking via browser.

It's taking too long for us to get any rider in my area!

A: Booking is still dependent on the Riders available in any given area. If you're having trouble, you can try other delivery fulfillment options outside of the RUSH Merchant App.

I received an error saying "Google Account is required" when I clicked "Book a rider".

A: Your device needs to have an updated Google Play Store and have the Play Store account logged in. The Grab Booking system uses both in order for RUSH to connect.

I received an error saying "Invalid Value for Email" when I clicked "Book a rider".

A: This scenario happens if the email of the employee account trying to book is incorrect. Please check the email field of the employee trying to book and make the necessary adjustments. Most likely, the email format was incorrect or there were some missing characters.

My Customer complained that the rider contacted him and doesn't know the pickup location or how to proceed.

A: This scenario happens if the mobile number of the employee account trying to book is incorrect. Typically, Grab Riders will contact the employee who booked as the sender. Please check the mobile number field of the employee trying to book and make the necessary adjustments.

I booked a rider, but he didn't pick up the item in my store.

A: If your store is in a mall or establishment, Riders will try to find a free and safe spot he can park before going to your store. Failing to meet that criteria for parking, Riders will try to contact you on what steps to take next. Please make the necessary adjustments in order to do the handover of the order to the rider.

Rider contacted my store and wanted to cancel since pick up location is far from where he is currently.

A:Please proceed to the booking cancellation steps in this case.

Rider asked for payment for delivery. Should this be allowed?

A:For orders under credit card/GCash, riders will receive their payment via their wallet. On the other hand, Riders will receive their payment from Customers for Cash on Delivery transactions.

Where can I learn more details about Grab?

A: Check out


Grab issues should be reported to Grab within 24-48 hours after the incident happened, most especially if it requires a refund.