How to get started with your RUSH Loyalty Suite

Looking to jump start your Loyalty Program powered by RUSH? You’ve come to the right place! This quick start article will help you learn all the basics to get going.


Defining the Mechanics of your Loyalty program

The very basic definition of a loyalty program is to reward customers that frequently engage with a brand and that the more loyal the customers are, the more rewards they will get. While this holds true, every loyalty program is unique to its own depending on the brand’s objective and customer base. 

Your RUSH Content Management System (CMS) is the central operating unit of your loyalty program. The Mechanics module allows you to configure your Points earning and burning logic, publishing your basic Guidelines, and activate other ways to earn points for every Achievement Unlocked.

Branding your Loyalty program

Given that loyalty programs are created for a brand to build a lasting relationship with its customers, it is important that all assets carry the brand’s identity. As a white-label solution, RUSH allows you to take ownership of branding your Customer and Merchant touch points via the Design module on the CMS. 

If you love changing your Splash page every now and then for seasonal campaigns or for tactical executions, you can create various drafts and Publish it when timing is appropriate. You can easily revert to your original design as long as you have it saved as one of your designs.

Onboarding Stores and Store Personnel

Once the mechanics of your loyalty program and designs are in place, it needs to be cascaded to all of your Stores to make sure that a customer can enjoy his membership to your loyalty program whichever store he visits. 

Onboarding your stores is easy! You can do a bulk upload of your branches using our template or do it one-by-one if you have lesser number of branches to manage. Each store on your CMS will be available on the Customer App when a customer searches for the nearest branch.

Once the stores are uploaded, you can now enroll your employees and assign them to their respective branches. Each employee will have a unique Employee ID and PIN that they will use to access the Merchant App. Having a unique access for each employee fosters accountability and better store management.

Curating the Rewards Catalog

Some points programs are straightforward in which customers earn points for every purchase and the points they accumulated can be used as cash. For some brands, this can be limiting on how they can reward their customers. With RUSH, you can make your loyalty program more exciting by giving your customers the gift of choice – let them redeem points and choose their own rewards. The rewards you are giving doesn’t need to be limited to your own set of SKUs.

Knowing and Segmenting your Customers

Whether you are starting your loyalty program from scratch or switching to RUSH to improve your existing loyalty program, one of RUSH’s value proposition is to ensure you have real and active customers with the most updated information using mobile verification process. 

To give you a kick start in effectively targeting your customers, you can use RUSH’s existing basic segmentation such as:

  • Top Customers
  • Customers that has not transacted in the previous month
  • Birthday Celebrants
  • Gender
  • Age group.

More segmentation options are coming soon!

Using the Customers module on the CMS, you can get a topline overview of how a certain customer behaves by checking the Single Customer View.

Engaging your Customers

Fostering a stronger relationship with your customers also means constant communication with your customers. No matter how good or big the rewards are, it will not promote itself. RUSH allows you to connect with your communications in all possible touch points.

On the Engagement module, you can choose to do a Broadcast campaign by sending an Email, SMS, or Push Notifications. You may also opt to publish announcements or press releases by creating an article on the News tab.

You can also encourage your customers to send their feedback on the Customer App and you can reply to them via SMS upon receipt of their message on the CMS.