Issuing Rewards Redeemed By Customers

Self-claimed rewards can only be fully redeemed by customers if the rewards are issued by the branch through the RUSH Merchant app. Read on to know how.

When setting up your rewards program, you may choose to enable the “Self-claim” option. This enables Customers to redeem any reward of their choice directly from your Customer App or website. 

However, doing so only gives your Customers a ‘claim’ to the reward. Hence, the reward can only be awarded to the customer once issued by any branch where the reward is available.

To issue a self-claimed reward:

  1. Open the Merchant Mobile App and hit Customer Info
  2. Input the Customer’s mobile number
  3. Click the Issue Rewards 
  4. A list of rewards redeemed by the Customer will show up
  5. Select the reward that Customer wants to receive
  6. Click Redeem
  7. Their claim to the reward will now be removed from the list

FD_Issue Rewards