Managing Scan to Orders in CMS and MMA

New ways to rediscover handling orders with just a tap away here is how you can get started!

There are both ways to check and monitor your both through the CMS and the MMA.

Tracking your Orders in CMS
Log into your CMS and navigate to the "Orders" module, then select the sub-module "Scan to Order".

In the Scan Order tab, you'll be able to track and monitor all transaction history, from the latest to previous orders made during your operations. This feature provides an overview of the entire board to ensure you stay updated with all orders being processed.

  • Reference number
    Used as the transaction reference for each table.
  • Customer Name
    Displays the customer's name, whether logged in as a guest or registered through the table ordering webpage.
  • Date and Time
    Indicates the transaction creation time.
  • Brand and Branch
    Identifies the restaurant where the transaction occurred.
  • Promo Code
    Displays valid promo codes used by customers.
  • Discounted Amount
    Shows the final discounted amount.
  • Amount
    Displays the total bill for the transaction.
  • Payment Method
    Indicates the payment gateway used by the customer.
  • Points Earned
    Tracks the points earned from the transaction.
  • Order Status
    Reflects whether orders are prepared, served, or canceled. Note that for orders to be considered served, payment must be completed or the table must be vacant for the next customer.
  • Payment Status 
    Indicates whether the transaction has been paid by the customer.
  • Actions
    Allows viewing of the entire table order transaction by clicking on the eye button.

Once you're familiar with the categories, you can begin tracking incoming orders by regularly refreshing the CMS web page to closely monitor the latest orders.



Tracking your Orders in MMA

The MMA is designed for frontline staff directly managing operations. This involves checking orders, updating their status accordingly, and identifying completed orders to prevent confusion between staff and customers.


Upon logging into the MMA, you'll notice new tabs, including the "Scan to Order" tab. Clicking on this tab will redirect you to the orders, displayed once customers have submitted them to the kitchen. Here, you can manage all orders during operations.

Clicking "View Details" allows you to examine order specifics, current status, and item quantities.                                                                                                                   

Selecting the "Update Order" button presents a screen where you can delete specific items or cancel all food items if they're unavailable on the merchant’s end.

New orders are automatically categorized as 'New' by default. With a simple click, you can transition them through the preparation and serving stages to ensure smooth operations.

To do so, click the drop-down arrow next to the order and choose the appropriate status - whether it's 'Preparing' as your team gets to work or 'Served' once the order is fulfilled. This helps maintain organization and tracks each order's progress for timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

Similarly, when an order is in the 'Preparing' or 'Served' status, you can easily update and adjust the order status. Note that once orders are tagged as 'Served,' you can no longer revert them to 'Preparing' or 'New.'