Managing Your RUSH Merchant Account Users


Providing account access to team members gives them business management privileges to your digital storefront, allowing them perform actions that may have a big effect on your business. Hence, it is necessary to give access to people you trust.

Each authorized merchant account user has his / her own account credentials for CMS login  so you, as a merchant, can keep your account credentials private.

In this section:

Accessible CMS Features

As the store owner, you have control over the CMS management features that each account user will have access to, such as:

  1. Business account management, including addition and deletion of account users

  2. Business performance monitoring and analytics

  3. Configuration of Store and eStore dynamics for specific or all branches

  4. Customer management and engagement

  5. Rewards program setup and management*

  6. Update of the organization’s security setup

Adding Account Users and Permissions

The RUSH CMS allows business owners to easily add, manage, and delete account users. Once added, account users can implement changes on your account and store dynamics. Before adding account users, identify only the people who need to access your account and the permissions you will be extending to each authorized user.

To add a user:

  1. From your Account Settings window, go to the Users tab.

  2. Click + New User.

  3. Input user information:

    1. First name and last name

    2. ID no.

    3. Designation

    4. Email address and contact number

  4. Select the modules and features that you will be enabling for the user:

    1. Account Settings*

    2. Analytics module

    3. Rewards Program mechanics**

    4. Rewards module**

    5. Customers module

    6. Engagement module

    7. Store module

    8. Billing

    9. EStore module

      1. Brands and branches- access can be limited to specific branches

*By default, the account user is given access to the My Profile and Security tabs where the user can update his / her contact details and password.

**Especially useful for the Loyalty Suite.