Using the Notes to Customer Feature

Do you encounter the same questions or concerns from different customers whenever they order? Do you have new policies for delivering items? Do you have a promo code you wish to make public? The Notes to Customer feature allows you to send important

Now you can include notes to your Customers that are visible before your customers complete their purchase. This will be shown on the checkout pages of all available eStore channels: Web Store, Customer App, and GLife Store.


To add notes to customers:

  1. Navigate to E-Store Module > Settings tab
  2. Look for the ‘Notes to Customer’ section
  3. Toggle the setting to enable/disable. When enabled, your notes to customers will be visible across all your RUSH-powered customer channels.
  4. In the Title field, add a header for your notes to customers (ex. “Free Shipping Coupon”, “Delivery Notice”, “New Store Pick-up Policy”, etc.).
  5. In the Instruction field, input your message / notes to your customers.

Now you can let Customers know what to expect once they check out, making the shopping experience more seamless for your customers and order management easier for you and your store staff.