Send Surveys to your customers (Coming Soon!)

Sending surveys to your customers is a valuable way to gather feedback and improve their experience with your eStore function.

By listening to your customers' opinions and ideas, you can gain insights into their needs and preferences, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about your products and services.

Please note that this feature is not available yet for top-up as of the moment. If you’re interested to have this feature added to your subscription once available for top-up, please contact your account manager. They will be able to assist you in adding this module to your account, allowing you to start collecting valuable customer feedback and improving your e-store function.

Introducing you to the process of creating a survey on CMS after availing the top-up:

Survey Module

  • Click ‘+Survey’ to create a survey form
  • Filled out the necessary details
    • Survey Title
    • Survey Description (optional)
    • Publish survey (yes or no)
    • Duration of survey (start to end date)
    • Choose your preferred survey rules
    • Thank you message
    • Add button (yes or no)
      • Adding a button can redirect your customer to the entered linked URL on button link.

There are several actions that can be accessed through the table summary of the Survey module:

  • Share button - you can copy the link of the created survey, so you can share it with your customers.
  • Export Button - Export customer responses
  • Pencil Button - Update existing survey
  • Download Button - Download .csv response
  • Upload Button - Import or Upload .csv survey response
  • Eye Button - Redirected to survey questions settings and design
    • Survey Question - Create a new page for every questionnaire. The questions created will be displayed per page accordingly. Follow the steps below on how to create questionnaire:
      • Click create page the add title
      • Show previous button (if you click yes on the survey creator): Yes or No?. Then click create
      • To add question on this created page, click add question
      • Type of questions you can ask: contact details, open-ended, multiple choice, checkbox, dropdown, rating and file upload.

Customizing the design of your Survey Form

In the middle of your screen, the preview of the survey form will be displayed. Here’s how you can create or customize your survey form:

  • Click the eye button of the survey you want to add design
  • Click Design tab
    • Set background color
    • Update button, border & footer button color
    • Button Text(white or black)
    • Set Text alignment, color, font size and font style of Survey Title, Description and Thank you message
    • Upload logo (recommended size is 185 x 60 px)
    • Upload banner (recommended size is 800 x 300 px)
    • Upload image (recommended Size is 600 x 300 px)
    • Upload image for Thank you Page (recommended size is 600 x 300 px)
    • Click Save