Set Transactional Notifications to your customers (Estore)

To customize your transactional notifications for your customers, you can access the Engagement module of your platform and then navigate to the Notifications tab. From there, you can either choose to stick with using standard notification or customize a spiel of notifications that you want to send, such as SMS, email notifications and in-app message, and tailor the messaging to match your brand's voice and tone.


Customer Registration 

  • One Time Pin
  • Welcome Message

  You can customize the above transactional notifications spiel.


Points Earning

This is only applicable if you have a point system for every completed order. You can update the ‘points earned’ notification spiel. Other spiel such as Issued/Claimed Reward, Redeem Reward, Pay Points and Transfer Points are only for loyalty functions.

Please note that manual triggers on CMS cannot be customized yet. For example: Customer upload, manual seeding, etc.