Terminating Your RUSH Subscription


If for any reason you no longer wish to continue with your eStore, you can opt to cancel your service subscription. To do so, you may express your intent to terminate your subscription plan in writing and send it via email to activation@rush.ph and include your account specialist in the carbon copy (cc). Once the termination request is received, a member of our Customer Success team will reach out to you for an offboarding procedure.

As soon as your subscription is terminated, your eStore will become inaccessible, and all RUSH CMS access associated with your store will be revoked. In effect, you will not be able to open a new store under the same credentials.


Before canceling your subscription, take note of the following considerations:

  1. Make sure that your account does not have any outstanding charges or unpaid balance. You will only be allowed to close your store permanently once all balances have been settled.
  2. Export all your store information such as sales reports, customer database, transaction history, and voucher redemptions.
  3. Ensure that you no longer have any ongoing promotional activity (e.g. promo codes, special customer rewards). Should the cancellation of your subscription take effect before the promotions expire, please arrest any potential issue by reaching out to your customers and resolving any concerns that may arise due to pre-termination of promotion.