Updating Scan to Order Tables

You can easily update your existing table through the CMS. Here's how...

  1. Log in your CMS account
  2. Go to ‘Store’ module
  3. Go to ‘Scan to Order’ tab
  4. Click pencil icon
  5. Update your table details accordingly


Within the CMS, users gain access to a comprehensive overview of all tables available in their establishment. This centralized view provides a clear snapshot of the current layout, facilitating efficient supervision of the dining area. This is the general overview that merchants once logged into the CMS then head on to the store module and select the scan to order tab.

Enabling tables
One of the key functionalities offered is the ability to enable tables for service. Merchant Admin users can effortlessly activate tables to make them available for customers, ensuring optimal utilization of seating capacity during peak hours.

Disabling tables
The system allows users to disable tables temporarily when they are not available for service. Whether it’s for maintenance purposes or during off-peak hours, merchants can easily mark tables as unavailable, preventing confusion among staff and customers.

Deleting Tables
In instances where tables are no longer needed or are being reconfigured, merchant admin users have the flexibility to delete them from the system. This process ensures that the table inventory remains up-to-date, reflecting the current layout of the establishment accurately.

Print table QR code
Here’s an additional feature available for merchants: the ability to effortlessly generate and print QR codes. These QR codes can then be displayed on each table within the establishment, allowing customers to conveniently place orders once they’re seated and ready to dine in.

With our table management module, merchant admin users can take control of their establishment’s table layout with unparalleled ease and flexibility. Whether it’s optimizing seating capacity during busy periods or maintaining an organized dining area, our CMS empowers merchants to streamline operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.