Using the Order History Feature

You can check out all of your eStore transactions under this function.

Every order made by your loyal Customers in the eStore, from whatever channel they have used to do so, will be logged in the Order History. This makes it easier for you to review any past or ongoing transactions. Other functions are also available such as handling your orders or exporting the full list of transactions.

You can access your full list of eStore transactions directly from your CMS. The Orders tab of your E-Store module shows you the entire history of your transactions across all your onboarded brands and branches. You can also find pertinent information about each order including the customer name, the type of logistics, the basket size, and the status.



Contents of the Order History

  • Transaction ID
    • This is the ID assigned to transactions used for payment transactions
  • Order ID
    • External unique code provided to customers
  • Customer Name
  • Date Ordered
  • Brand (Branch)
  • Amount 
  • Promo Code
  • Mode of Payment
  • Delivery type
  • Delivery fee
  • Grab delivery ID
    • An indicator that there’s a rider booked in the transaction
  • Points Earned
  • Remarks
    • This is mostly used in canceled transactions.This shows the reason why the merchant canceled the transaction.
  • Status
  • Action
    • A more detailed description of the transaction


Transaction No vs. Order ID 

The Order ID is the external unique code for the transaction placed by the customer while the transaction ID/No is the internal unique code of the transaction which is only visible to the merchant and RUSH.The transaction ID is also the same ID reflected on the Paymongo dashboard.



Exporting the Order history

To export your order history:

  1. Go to the E-Store module of your CMS > Orders.
  2. Click Export.
  3. Get the file from the link sent to the email address associated with your CMS.

You can also filter your view according to the Order Status, or search for a particular order using the advanced search settings of the search bar.